The erotic partner program 777partner

The erotic partner program 777partner

For erotic traffic, the affiliate program belongs to the most important ones in the net. Specializing in the sector of live cams, erotic videos & amp; Phone sex, thousands of webmasters (affiliates) decided to cooperate since the start about 10 years ago,.

What can be advertised?

The webmaster / partner has three good programs to choose from.

  1. 777livecams – the successful DINO for livecam sex
  2. JetztLive – Specialized in mobile presentation / Livecams
  3. ruf777 – Phone sex with free live picture

All three products differ so much that even a simultaneous application is possible!

Apply & Evaluate

While most affiliate programs limit their ability to promote their products to “fast & dirty,” you can find much more at 777partner. For almost all products, other marketing tools are offered in addition to the usual links + banners. Starting with a login box for the installation on the own website, to the full PHP program, a webmaster should find everything here what is desired.

In the statistics the most different combinations of the evaluation are offered. As an example, sorting by projects is possible, conversions can be calculated directly, sorting by payment method and much more. The presentation of the advertising commission is perceived as particularly positive. Here, the own revenue share is displayed directly, which also comes to the payout.

Absolutely reliable & correct

The way of 777partner is absolutely correct & fair. If an error occurs, they even go looking for the last cent. If the money is short, 777partner offers a payout of the accumulated commission at the beginning of the following month.