News 13.09.2016 – Sound for users for free

News 13.09.2016 – Sound for users for free

For quite a while we have been hesitant, but now it’s official: Starting 15 September 2016 there will be no more extra Audio charge for visitors of your show – Audio is official free of charge (not applicable for Phone-Sex via Telephone).

With more transparent pricing we’ll create not only more reliability for our customer, we’ll also adapt to the evermore changing requirements of the consumer market.

According to your wishes and choice you may raise your price per minute. But, we do like to point out that, with additional Audio, customer’s interest in your show would rise significantly.
Customer who not only do see the show but also could communicate via Audio will generally remain much longer with the show and therefore enables the show to increase sales.

Simultaneously you still can take advantage of our Telephone-Sex-System ( as additional source of revenue and of course may be combined with Video and Audio.

You have not yet activated your Telephone-Service?

(here you can find additional information for Ruf777 for Amateurs)

  • Log into the 777-ShowSoftware with your Master-Login-Data
  • click onto “Shows”
  • for the wanted Show choose “Master-Settings” and enable the “Phone Service”

To finally connect the targeted Number (Zielrufnummer) and the Show- Software please do re-start the Show-Software and re-login with the primary Show-Login-Data.

  • Click onto “Show” followed by “Phone Service”
  • Any further steps will be easy and self-explanatory

If you have any questions in regards to the above, please feel free to contact us at any time .

Thank you very much for your attention.
Your 777-Systems Team