News 23.06.2017 – Make more money ? This advice can help!

Just like you, we are also trying to increase not only user satisfaction, but also revenues. That is why we have put together a few tips for optimizing revenues today:

Sound function in chat

Since the middle of last year, the sound is free for both 777Livecams and JetztLive users. We’ve noticed that many of the models still work completely without the sound function.
At first glance, some models may think that this is not really important … We would like to point out that this is a mistake! The sound function has a strong impact on the revenues of a show. We have checked our statistics on this and our analyzes prove: A show with sound is visited more often on average and has higher revenues than a show without sound!

In the year 2017, users expect the full experience of a show and this includes the sound. When you go to the mov ies to see a Hollywood blockbuster, you do not want to get a silent movie with subtitles, but in addition to a great HD image also want a first-class sound.If a model does not offer that in her show, the users will either go to another show, or even leave the website.


Good photos are YOUR advertisement

While we are at it, we would also like to point out that only high-quality photos should be uploaded. A few low-budget webcam pictures do not attract users anymore.
The more appealing and “stimulating” the preview images are, the more likely a user will decide in favor of your show. Interested visitors choose mostly based of the looks of a show – and this usually within seconds!

The uploaded pictures should also be authentic! Users quickly leave chats, when they were attracted by glamorous photos, only to meet an unkempt and in no way dressed-up model.
There are always complaints about shows with these “false advertisements” – and usually rightly so!
We often receive complaints about shows with a “misleading packaging” – and usually rightly so!


A preview video is important!

Yes, it takes some time and some creativity is required. However, a good preview video boosts revenues quickly. A basic picture shows a snapshot and is important.
In a preview video, however, you also have the unique opportunity to present the whole package: Your looks, performance, personality and style just the way you really are – and make users HORNY for you (!).

That’s exactly what you want, right?

By the way: Your profile, your pictures and your preview videos are also advertised by many webmasters on the Internet.
Many hundreds of thousands of visitors visit these pages daily and have a lot of choices.
That’s why you also only have a few seconds there, before users move on – a good preview video keeps visitors longer than just a picture. More time to decide for you

So if you do not have a preview video yet, our advice would be to catch up on it asap 😉

Our support team will be happy to help you with all questions regarding the creation of a perfect profile! !