News 12.10.2017 Administration of the gallery / Pricing

During our sales analyzes, we noticed that many of the Pay-Galleries have a very high final customer price and thus sold less often. In the search for the cause, we noticed the “price setting in the showsoftware”, which we have now optimized.

What’s new?

The first step of the image management is now to set the “retail price per image”! In addition, the “final customer price” of each gallery is displayed in the gallery overview.
So you have a simple overview of your retail prices and can optimize your offer if necessary.

Please take a moment to check the final prices of your picture galleries, thank you!

Furthermore, we added the statistic “number of visits” and “number of subscribers” to the gallery overview. So now you have a quick overview of the success of your image sets here as well.

Our recommendation:
Create smaller galleries (about 20-30 pictures per set) instead of selling everything in one large gallery. Smaller galleries sell more frequently and generate better sales in the long run than large gallerie


What if a show is not allowed to set prices?

Even if the price setting is only available to the account holder (master), each show can still upload picture galleries independently (this setting can be changed in the master account for each show).
However, it is not published (and thus sold) until the master has set the prices. A hint is now being displayed on the master account’s page.