Exclusive Chat / Separeechat

Exclusive Chat / Separeechat

Both chat variants serve to give the guest your full attention. With the Separeechat (only on JetztLive) you have the possibility to set other prices for your service, the exclusive chat is to be understood as an assistance, so that you can concentrate better on a single guest.

You can choose between two options:

  1. Separeechat (currently only JetztLive)
    When entering your regular chat the visitor will be given the opportunity to book your room. The price setting for the separee you can choose up to three times the chat price.

    Important: Customers in the separee mode are basically entitled to your full attention and have priority over any other dialogue, after all, they pay more for this than regular chat!

  2. Exklusivchat (Single-Visitor-Mode)
    Some performers prefer not having to worry about multiple guests at the same time, and prefer the real one-to-one dialogue.
    With this option, you can switch off the multi-user mode for JetztLive and 777Livecams, which means that only one visitor at a time can join your live show. Especially for new shows (amateurs) a good help to find their way first.


Activation / management of exclusive chats

Step 1:

Log into the master account and activate / deactivate the “exclusive chat” in the master settings.

Default setting for exclusive chat (and Freechat)


Step 2:

Log in as a show and click on “Show” in the send tool.

Logged in as show choose “Show”.


It’s your choice:

  • no / no exclusive chat
  • Separee
  • Single-User Mode