The meaning of “g-rated” at 777

Due to legal requirements of different countries, thumbnails and preview videos need to be g-rated , because they are freely accessible even without prior age checks.

In this sense, g-rated means:

  • Sex parts from the waist down are covered.
  • For covering lingerie, towels, hands, etc. can be taken
  • The labia (or more) are to be guessed at most, under no circumstances.
  • Naked breasts are not forbidden, but it should also be the face to see (see below)
  • Sex Toys may be seen! However, these may not be used erotic (not push between the breasts)
  • The intimation of a sexual act is absolutely to be avoided.
    (no suggestion of masturbation / penis rubbing, etc.)
  • No “lifelike” dildos in the foreground!
    As “decoration” in the background possible, only this may not be in focus.
    (In case of doubt ask directly at Support)


Further restriction / Naked breasts with & without face

Brüste ohne GesichtWe do not always have to understand certain rules, but we try to keep all instructions to a large extent. This includes the specification of some network operators for naked breasts:

  • Picture shows naked breasts (visible nipples) and with face = g-rated (FSK16)
  • Picture shows naked breasts (visible nipples) and without face = not g-rated (FSK18)

If you want to be on the safe side, then make beautiful promotional effective erotic photos of your bare breasts with face. In all our systems, we release breast photos without a face, but are made unrecognizable for visitors without existing protection of minors. Unfortunately, your profile will not be displayed optimally on the live show overviews.

Hint: You do not want to show a face? Cover your breasts in sexy lingerie …

If you have any questions, our Support-Team is always there for you!