Getmore – Affiliate System for amateurs

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You are already active as a webcam studio or independent camgirl and want to make additional money through “user advertising”. Especially if you already have your own fan club, this source of revenue can be a real blessing.

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Send your fans, followers, repeat customers, e-mail writers, friends, slaves, etc. from now on to 777livecams or JetztLive and earn extra money with every Euro your users spend. For this you do not even need to be in front of the action – you earn money in your sleep!

Step 1: Register at

OR: You can click on “GetMore” in the software on the top right.

Step 2: Start your advertising – we help you!

So that you can concentrate on the really essential we offer a short conversation, in which we discuss togetherwhat suits you and what kind of advertising you could & want to do.

The result should be that we then send you something “finished” by email, which you can use right away.

Send us an E-Mail to:
It’s best to give us your phone number or Skype address and, if available, your (new) partner ID.

No false modesty – the reality is simple

Quite frankly, you give away money if you do not use your options. You need new clothes, sextoys, make-up, you want to go on vacation, you are into luxury or have some dreams – no problem at all, because your tribe members like to pay you, and that’s fine too. You give them something, they give you something – that’s a good deal.

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