Live-Snapshot / Live Image Preview

At 777livecams, the logged-in visitor has the choice between a live show overview with a preview image or with a live snapshot.

If live image preview is enabled (default setting), the system automatically creates a snapshot of the live broadcast every minute. This allows the visitor to decide directly on the overview whether the displayed content is interesting for him or not.

The actors can thus convince with current content! In addition, the LIVE snapshot not needs to be paid attention to legal requirements regarding protection of minors (as with the thumbnails), since only visitors with an already completed age check have access.

This feature can be disabled in the master settings , but we do not recommend it. A stimulating snapshot from the current live broadcast is for many users a greater incentive to visit a show than pure preview images. He does not have to “zap” through many cams (and spend coins !!), but chooses a show based on what he sees.

Disabled live image preview

If live image preview is disabled, visitors will see a notice instead of the snapshot.