The messaging system at 777

At 777 you have different ways to get in touch with the user outside the chat. The user can also write to you on his own initiative. We distinguish between free messages and premium messages (Messages with a tip function). You can reach both types of messages via the same menu item “Messages” – the users can also send you a variable tip at any time during an existing conversation.


You want to contact a user?

You can contact all users who have already made sales with you (Chat, Videos, Galleries). You can find these users under “contact suggestions”

Possible topics:

  • Ask directly after the chat or a few days later, if he “fancies” you again. It is best to mention your approximate airtime
  • make an appointment, for example for a particular show in a particular outfit/li>
  • you can recommend your videos, you may also ask for desired videos
  • Generally it is recommended to formulate nice sentences – “yes / no / maybe” rarely has an animating effect.


Messages with tip feature / premium messages

In addition to the free news feature, users can also give you a “tip” for any message at any time.In this context, it is important to know that you will only receive the tip you have paid by the user if you answer the message promptly / within 24 hours!
Important to know

  • News button in Showsoft flashes red as soon as a premium message is received
  • clear visual highlighting of premium messages in the mailbox itself
  • Display of possible earnings per answered message directly at the message
  • Possible earnings: up to four times the chat per minute

We encourage users on the site to use the tip feature by promising preferential treatment of paid messages.
We hope that you will work here and answer these messages promptly and with sufficient content.


Answering messages is worthwhile, whether with or without tips!

  • Contact by the user only possible by paying users – a nice contact may lead the user into your chat!
  • no contact by Freecoins users / non-paying users
  • The news feature allows you to easily manage the customer