Rules at 777

Rules at 777

For a well-maintained coexistence of operators, amateurs and users, a few rules are essential. These rules serve to protect all parties involved and to comply with legal requirements of different countries.

Our support is required to check compliance with the rules, including test chats.

Prohibited when sending at 777:

    • Enticement of customers in any form
      At no time you may publish foreign Internet addresses, addresses of other websites, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, value-added numbers, Facebook accounts, Twitter, Skype names or similar. Also, “Google xy” we evaluate as a solicitation.
      Exceptions: Contact the support if you need a justified exception to this rule in individual cases.
    • Children and dogs in front of the cam
      Children in the livestream will not be tolerated in any way, this will lead to immediate suspension, possibly even in the long run. Also pay attention to children’s toys or photos of children in the background. In the workplace, such things have no place.
      Dogs in the livestream are also not allowed. This leads user again and again to sodomy thoughts.
    • Role-playing games involving incest, sodomy or sex with minors
      Even if it is just a mind game: we want no discussions about the topics mentioned, also with regard to criminal consequences.
      You are welcome to refer users to support at any time. If a user continues to insist on role-playing games of this kind, you can throw the user out of the chat with the corresponding function in the broadcast software.
    • Publication of telephone numbers
      If you want to offer phone sex, you are welcome to join our system “Telephone-Sex with Livestream“.
    • Sending a pre-recorded video that is supposed to give the appearance of a live chat
      We evaluate this as a fraud attempt, which leads under certain circumstances immediately to a permanent ban!
    • Double sending at 777
      You can run multiple shows at 777, but only be online with one of your shows at a time. So it is not allowed to broadcast with a couple show and a single show at the same time..
    • Exiting the direct cam area during streaming
      When you’re online, you need to be able to make sure you can react to users immediately – this is only possible if you are actually in front of the cam and you will be seen as soon as a user enters the system. For short breaks, you can use the Pause-Button.
    • Strangers in the livestream
      For occasional couple shows please create a separate Show-Profile .

In the event of repeated violations or deliberate fraud, the account will be permanently blocked.