Use of text macros in live chat

Text-Makros bieten die Möglichkeit bereits vorgefertigte Texte bei Bedarf mit einem Klick oder einer Tastenkombination auszuwählen und zu versenden.

By using text macros, you can also address the users in a friendly manner, if there is little time left for individual typing / creating messages.

Macros should only be used as supportive tools and should only be understood as a temporary help. If a guest always receives the same texts, this can be perceived as impersonal.
  • Individual text assignment of the function keys F1 to F10
  • Your welcome text will be sent automatically to each user
  • Creating / changing the text modules is always possible under “Macros” in the Showsoft
  • Two variables to customize your macros: ##username## und ##showname##
  • Macros are unlocked by default in the Master-Settings
  • Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the macros, and if in doubt, have someone look up the texts. We hear again and again from guests, who immediately get scared off by a poorly worded greeting.

Should you use another program where the function keys F1 to F10 are also used / needed, then the macros can be deactivated under “Setup” of the show software.

Sound transmission (Audio) is also a help

In this context, we would like to briefly mention the sound transmission, which is also a good tool during the live show. You can thus easily lead your visitors through dialogue and thus have both hands free;-)