Pictures and videos in amateur profile at 777

Pictures and videos in amateur profile at 777

This is mainly about income and optimization possibilities of pictures & videos. If important questions are not on this page for you, we would appreciate a message from you.

How big may video files be for uploading?

The maximum upload size is 5000 MB (5 GB)

Do I have to upload a free clip?

No, the free video is voluntary. But: The free clip is your best way to get a new user to notice you – use it!

  • present yourself as you can be seen in the chat
  • Your free clip should contain sound – but you do not necessarily have to speak if that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Before shooting, think of a script (and text) for a while, which makes perfect shooting easier
  • every now and then create a new preview video = new stimuli to the user.
Does my video description have to be age-restricted?

You can enter the following types of descriptions:

  • FSK 16 Description + headline
  • FSK 18 Description + headline
  • English Description + headline

Only one of the three variants is a must, the rest is added by the support. Of course, we are happy if you add all three descriptions.

Can videos contain music?

In our opinion, this should even be the case with every video because it just comes across better than a video completely without sound. It should be noted that no rights are being infringed and you are actually allowed to use the music. As an example, in Germany you better always use „GEMA-Free Music“.

Can I delete my videos?

Yes, you can delete your videos at any time. Please note, however, that users are buying videos „permanently“, purchases are not being reversed with the deletion.

Can I edit videos later?

You can always change the price and description (s) of your clips.

I have uploaded a picture / gallery but can not see anything on the website

All gallery and preview images are manually checked and approved by our support. We try to keep it up to date. Depending on the time of day or night, this can take a bit longer.

Even after the activation, it may take a few minutes until the images for the user appear visible on the page.

What to consider with pay-galleries:
If your master has specified in the show settings that you can not choose your own chat price, then this also applies to the price of the Pay-Galleries.If you have created a new Pay Gallery, it will be displayed to your Master. If the gallery is not online soon, please contact your master. Only after setting the price is the pay gallery visible to the user.